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Where you live shapes you. Make it conducive to the pursuit of your dreams

Haenim Sunim

Our Work


Your spaces impact how you perceive and feel about yourself. The space you occupy, the objects surrounding you, and the lifestyle you choose to live showcases your current mindset and the sense of direction for your life. It is your stage, a set that supports your act of living and has the potential to elevate your experience of well-being. It can provide a frame that tells your past story and forecast the hope for your future.


 At Space+Elements, we seek to establish a connection with our clients and find out what is currently going on within their homes or spaces and how it affects their experience of well-being in the present moment.

Using our signature process, we define the objectives, uncover what serves and supports their highest needs, and create and nurture it without getting rid of everything they have or acquiring things they do not need.


Inspiring qualities and interests of our lives emerge through the experience of Comfort, Connection, Flow, and Fulfilment as experienced through Signature Sanctuaries that reflect the client's essence and empowers them to show up fully and live out their life purpose.




Design can be a gateway of feeling, connecting, and inhabiting our spaces consciously, and responsibly in a way that enriches our experience of living.

Alex Sande, FOUNDER+CEO, Space+Elements

Signature Sanctuaries are intentional, thoughtful, minimal, and connect to the soul to create the experience of well-being. The environment we occupy has vibrations that influence our energy which is unique to each of us. Signature Sanctuaries create a balance of this energy in the visible space, inspiring us and fostering harmony in our inner spaces, in tune with the mind and the soul rather than trends and technology. We derive meaning and a sense of belonging, where all our senses are engaged in an emotional, memorable, and fulfilling way. We feel happy. We feel peaceful. We experience beauty. We get inspired. We live gracefully.

Signature Sanctuary



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