Spatial Order, Harmony, and Balance by Design, Creativity, and Living


Our purpose is to help people Design, Create and Live in Prosperous Environments that Encourages Pleasure, Productivity, and Well-Being


Space+Elements is a Design, Creative and Living studio.


We help clients establish spatial order, harmony, and balance where they live and work. We do this by applying intentional design practices, visual creative expressions, and mindful living strategies so they can reclaim their space and life.


The result is simple, purposeful, and transformational interior environments that support pleasure, productivity, and well-being.

Most of us live and work in spaces that do not support our lives. We are surrounded by clutter, chaos, unwanted things, and obligations. This limits our ability to focus, enjoy pleasure, be productive, and experience well-being. We become distracted, unable to process information well, and have low self-esteem.


We should all have an opportunity to choose and access spaces that mirror and support how we live, work, and play in a manner that improves and enriches our experience of living and well-being. We deserve to live in a beautiful space, surrounded by objects that inspire us, so we can grow into our best selves.

You can experience the life you want, in a space of your dreams that supports where you are going in life.  You can create spatial order, harmony, and balance by applying intentional design solutions, creative visual expressions, and mindful living strategies.  You can save time and money, reduce stress, and gain confidence with room for Flow, Comfort, Connection, and Fulfilment in your space and your life so you can express your most vivid, joyful version of yourself. 


“Our purpose is to help you to live and work in a prosperous environment that encourages productivity and pleasure”




Be intentional with your space and transform it into a place of comfort and well-being according to your desired way of living and working. Make room for a sense of calm and refuge that is mindful, peaceful, tranquil, reflective, and nurtures the soul.


Create and express what you love through Art, Branding, and Objects as  visual interest in your space




Declutter, organize, and clean your environment so you can experience mindful living that enhances your flow and well-being with clarity, authenticity, and meaning.


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